16th Cent Middle Class
Flemish Dress.......
Working Women's' Dress in 16th Century Flanders

I have been in love with this look for some time and have been in awe of the
research of
Drea Leed  who is the amazing lady who has the
elizabethancostume.net website. And thus, decided to give this a stab.
I will continue to add images as the project progresses, so check back.

I have started with the kirtle which is a reddish-coral linen. I have lined the
bodice with linen, but have also put canvas on the front to stiffen the bodice. I
am not lining the skirt for the sake of Louisiana weather.
The over dress is a dark chocolate brown linen, there will be a white linen
smock, and I have done a white linen partlet and a navy-blue wool one.

I am also planning to another kirtle to be able to change up the look.

The first set of removable over-sleeves are of a light blue linen.

I have completely hand-sewn this project with all the viable thread in silk and
the rest in cotton.

Below are the inspiration images and then my project images. Click on the
images for a larger view, but also click
HERE to see more images from 16th
cent Flanders.
As always, feel free to drop me an
e-mail with comments!
Kirtle, Overdress, White Linen Partlet, Navy Blue Partlet and Sleeves....so
far so good!